AI passengers will have seamless travel to 1200 plus destinations


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

After almost three year wait, Air India joined Star Alliance which will offer passengers of AI seamless travel to 1200 more destinations through a network of 4338 aircrafts.

Star Alliance is the biggest congregation of 26 leading airlines offering worldwide reach and smoother travel experience. The Star Alliance network offers 21,900 daily flights to 1328 airports in 195 countries. Today about 13 Star Member Airlines operate to 10 destinations in India and account for a total share of 13 per cent of India’s to and fro market. The inclusion of Air India in Star would take Star Alliance to a stronger position with a share of about 30 per cent. The membership is expected to result in several benefits for the airline and its passengers, including a hike in Air India’s share on the India-US route by about 20 per cent from about 13 per cent now within the first year itself.

Air IndiaThe member airlines of Star Alliance together own a total of 4,338 aircraft and fly over 640 million passengers a year, many of whom can also earn and burn frequent flyer miles on the entire alliance network.

The India-US route being a key market for Air India, the membership would mean that its passengers travelling to the US would have easier access to many more cities there as they would be able to seamlessly travel on other Star Alliance member airlines flights going to America.

The national carrier was originally accepted as a future member of Star Alliance in December, 2007, but the integration process was suspended in July, 2011, to allow Air India to focus on completing its merger with Indian Airlines before fully integrating it into the alliance network.

In addition to enjoying seamless transfers while travelling across the world, Air India passengers can earn and burn more frequent flyer mileage points, code sharing leading to a wider choice of flights and an access to over 1000 lounges.
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