Aircraft like coaches in premium trains soon


Gujarat Global News Network, Mumbai

Soon premium trains in the country will have luxury coaches. These coaches are named Anubhati and they will give passengers an aircraft-like experience. From LCD entertainment screens to cushioned seats which can be reclined with leg rests and reading lights these coaches are upgrade from the existing Executive chair cars.

The 56-seat coach has seats in the 2+2 configuration. LED lights have been fitted to save energy and also provide better lighting. There  are LCD entertainment screens with every seat with personalized headphone An added advantage for the passengers is the provision of USB and mobile charging points in the space that joins two seats. There are mobile charging points next to each seat area in addition to those provided between the seats.

The snack table that is usually attached to the back of the seat will be now under the arm rest of the seat. Passengers are required to just pull it out and pack it back again after eating. Just like an aircraft, this coach too comes with a personalized reading light which will not disturb the fellow passenger. There is also an attendant calling facility above the seat.

There are passenger information display boards on both sides. These will display useful information such as the approaching station, distance, speed etc. There is also an announcement system at the end of the coach, similar to that in an aircraft. The seat stickers have been braille-integrated to make them user friendly for the visually impaired.

Anubhuti coaches have a modular toilet with improved features such as touch-free tap and soap dispenser, hand dryer. There are toilet occupancy indicators at each end of the coach that light up if the washroom is occupied, Ravinder Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway briefed media persons.

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