BAPS has brought modern management and technology in religion


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had all praise for  Bochasanwasi Akshar Purshottam Sanstha and Pramukh swami for bring radical change in the field of religion. Speaking at a function to mark silver jubilee of Akshardham in Gandhinagar, he said that Akshardam temples are quite innovative blend of modern management and technology.

The management of these BAPS temples started a new trend. It has wiped out the common notion that temples have dirty surroundings and mismanaged arrangements of things like foot wears of devotees. Pramukh swami brought changes that were needed and instilled human touch.

He said that Pramukh swami built 1200 temples. These are not structures of bricks and mortar, but are the centre of human consciousness. Every stone of these temples is expressive as if it is speaking, he said. These are rare products of modernity and divinity.

On one hand, Modi said, Pramukh Swami brought modern management and technology in the BAPS temples and on the other he maintained strict discipline for saints. He said that the training institute for saints at Salangpur is an excellent institution set up by Pramukh Swami.

He said that after Ramkrishna Mission, BAPS is probably the only religious institution which has saint force of 1100 who are of high integrity. Modi wove his 45 minutes speech around number of incidents of personal interaction with Pramukh Swami whom, he said, he considered like his father. Pramukh Swami always thought of my development, he said.

I had suggested to Pramukh Swami that some universities should be invited to take up case study of modern management techniques adopted by BAPS in building temples like maintaining time schedule and quality work. He said that as Chief Minister he had invited BAPS saints to interact with IAS officers of Gujarat about their management skills.

Though Modi did not make any political comment in his speech, he referred to delay in Narmada   project while talking about time management in BAPS temple building.

Pramukh swami did not focus  on the spread of the sect, but concentrated on taking it and its devotees to newer heights. Modi saw newly produced half an hour programme sanatanam which depicts history of 25 years of the temple.

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