Can’t I go to temples, asks Rahul


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Congress president elect Rahul Gandhi today termed as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s seaplane ride as distraction and said that people wanted to know what his government had done in 22 years. Addressing his first press conference after being elected as Congress president, Rahul exuded confidence that his party would win Gujarat elections. “There is undercurrent and mood of the people is for change”, he said.

On the last day of campaigning for Gujarat elections Rahul visited the famous Jagannath temple in the city. When asked about his temples visit he quipped” Kya mandir jana mana hain”? he also took a dig at the BJP for labelling his numerous temple visits in the state as ‘political’, adding that he has prayed for Gujarat’s well being during every visit. “Whenever I went to a temple I just prayed for a ‘Sunehra Bhavishya’ for the people of Gujarat, a better development here. Jaha mauka milta hai vahan mandir jaata hoon, Kedarnath bhi gaya tha, vo kya Gujarat mein hai? (Whenever I got the opportunity I have visited temples, have been to Kedarnath as well. Is that in Gujarat?),” asked Rahul. Normally we hold public meetings, but this time we held yatras and in the course of yatras, I visited temples.”

“Modi ji agar seaplane mein udna chahte hain toh kuch ghalat nahi, acchi baat hai lekin ye ek distraction hai, asli sawaal hai 22 saal mein janta ke liya kya kiya? (There’s nothing wrong if Modi wants to fly in a seaplane, it’s a good thing but it’s also a distraction. The real question is what has he done for the public in 22 years?),” he asked.

There has been one sided development in the state for 22 years. 90% of schools and colleges have been privatized,” he said. “Now, the Prime Minister no longer talks about corruption, or minimum support price to farmers. We are confident that we will win the Gujarat assembly polls. We will do balanced development against BJP’s one sided development. We will abolish contract labour, fixed pay system in Gujarat. We will never take any decision unilaterally in Gujarat.”

He said that election is “won on narrative. Those who don’t change their narrative win the polls. If you see, BJP in Gujarat kept changing narrative but failed.”

People of Gujarat have realised that the BJP is “hollow,” when asked about his party’s plan to tackle unemployment he said that focus would be on small and medium enterprise. SMEs are job creators and Gujarat has been witness to this in the past. GST and demonetization have broken the back bone of SMEs creating unemployment, Rahul said.

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