Confluence on air quality management and cold storage


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Currently, good quality air and inappropriate cold-storage solution are burning issues for most of the developing cities across India. There are critical issues like sustainable cold storage solutions, including lack of availability of refrigeration and cold chain facilities for perishable goods. India is the world’s leading producer of milk and the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables, but the country watches nearly 20 percent of that yield—$10 billion worth of food—go to waste for lack of a food-supply infrastructure that can keep its food fresh from farm to table. Similarly, poor outdoor untreated air has a direct impact on indoor air quality which in turn has a significant impact on society. Therefore, building a sound, energy efficient infrastructure is essential to India’s food security as well good air quality management.

Pankaj Dharkar – Chairman Confluence & Refcon, ISHRAE Presidential Member, said -“Our country is a home to more than one billion citizens and is considered the future of a world-class economy. By adopting the world’s most advanced technology and beginning to integrate and educate the links, we are already starting to close the gap on our neighbours and competitors in solving the problem of food security and air quality.”

Mitul Shah – President ISHRAE Ahmedabad Chapter  said “With the advent of technology, India has seen a progressive growth in the sector of cold storing and sustainable air quality management. This confluence was a radical approach towards appreciating and enlightening the professionals by assessing contemporary technology and the potential green shoot spurt

Aakash Patel – President ASHRAE Western India Chapter is of the view “India faces a more daunting challenge with its cold chain than other parts of the world. Much of the country experiences extreme weather, so cooling technologies are more energy-intensive than in milder climates. Peak power outages are also routine, often forcing cold rooms to operate off costly backup generators. All of which is to say that energy efficiency is paramount, a vision that we are striving towards, everyday.”

Additionally, ISHRAE Ahmedabad Chapter and ASHRAE Western India Chapter has joined hands with Indoor Air Quality Association (which was established in India in August 2016 by IAQA, US) and The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to create awareness, educate people and make guidelines for improving indoor air quality and cold chain storage in India, respectively.  As one of the many steps forward, a “Confluence” is being organized with emphasis on air quality management and renewable fuel for cold storage on 1st and 2nd September, 2017 at Ahmedabad.

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