Cream biscuits have alarmingly high level of fat and sugar


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Stop before you gorge yourself on cream biscuits. They have alarmingly high level of fat and sugar more than what one should consume in a day!!

This fact has been revealed by Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS) which did laboratory testing of ten popular brands of cream biscuits that were filled or coated.  Filled biscuits are generally sandwiched with a filling of cream, jam or chocolate. Coated biscuits may be covered with chocolate or caramel.

According to the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), ICMR, the recommended desirable visible fat intake per day is 20g for both men and women. In six of the 10 brands, fat content was above 20g/100g. Britannia Bourbon had the highest fat content (23.2g/100g) while Windsor Mix Fruit had the lowest (13.1g/100g). This means that a 100g packet of Britannia Bourbon contains more fat than you should consume in a whole day!

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for sugar as per the latest norms of World Health Organization (WHO) is 25g (6 teaspoons). All the 10 brands of biscuits contained more than 25g/100g of sugar. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy had the highest sugar content (39.6g/100g) while Patanjali Orange Delite(30.2g/100g) had the lowest. This means that a 100g packet of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy contains much more than your RDA for sugar!

UK’s Food Standard Agency (FSA) recommends that fat content of more than 17.5g/100g may be labelled or colour coded as ‘high’ and sugar content of more than 22.5g/100g as ‘high.’ Going by these guidelines, except two products (Windsor Mix Fruit and Parle Hide & Seek Bourbon) all brands fall in the category of ‘high’ fat content. And, all the 10 biscuit brands fall in the ‘high’ sugar category.

Even the labeling was found to be inaccurate in some brands. The actual fat content was significantly higher than the label claim in three brands. Similarly, in three of the brands, the actual sugar content was significantly higher than the label claim.

None of the manufacturers answered CERS primary question – why do most cream biscuits brands have unacceptably high levels of fat and sugar? They maintained that they had complied with the provision of nutritional information as per labelling requirements. However, there was significant variation in many brands between tested values and label claims.

Cream Biscuits: Test Results

Brands Rank Overall Score1 (%) Price/100g (Rs.)2 Fat  content


Label claim  for fat  (g/100g) Sugar content (g/100g)4 Label claim for sugar (g/100g)
Windsor Mix Fruit 1 96 13.33 13.1 12.27 32.7 30.0
Patanjali Orange Delite 2 83 13.33 19.8 21.67 30.2 26.72
Dukes Bourbon 3 80 16.67 19.2 18.4 33.1 34.8
Parle Hide and Seek Bourbon 4 78 16.67 16.6 16.0 38.9 40.0
Britannia Bourbon 5 76 19.33 23.2 20.0 31.8 37.5
Sunfeast Bourbon Bliss 6 74 17.33 22.9 20.7 33.6 32.1
Britannia Treat Jim Jam 6 74 20.00 22.9 19.0 33.1 33.0
Cadbury Original Oreo 7 72 25.00 20.8 19.5 37.7 38.7
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy 8 70 20.00 20.5 22.0 39.6 33.0
Parle Hide & Seek Fab Orange


9 67 25.00 22.9 22.0 38.9 39.7
Weightage (%) 50 50

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