Hardik “sex video” goes viral


Gujarat Global News Network, Gandhinagar

With state Assembly elections round the corner Patidar leader Hardik Patel has become target with a video showing a man in compromising position with a woman. The man resembles Hardik Patel and the video has become viral.

Hardik who had few days back claimed that such a CD would come to malign him said that it was a ploy to defame him. He tweeted: “Dirty politics has begun now. It will not make any difference to me by defaming me. But the image of the Gujarati women is being tarnished.”

Though no media where the video is being circulated claims authenticity of the clip, it became viral soon. Youtube removed the video saying that it was against the channel’s policy.

“The BJP has prepared a doctored sex CD to defame me and it will be released just before the election. What else can one expect from the BJP? So just wait, watch and enjoy,” Hardik said.

Asked how he learnt about the CD, Hardik said, “This is typical of the BJP.” He said that he was talking to his lawyers and will take action against those responsible. The video has surfaced just hours before Congress and Patidar leaders are expected to strike a deal for reservation of the community.

Hardik has pledged to remove BJP from the state and is in talks with Congress. The Congress backed Hardik Patel’s claim. “The BJP is under pressure. It knows it is losing ground in Gujarat, and also these youngsters are aligning with us, so it’s a ploy to defame Hardik,” commented Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil.

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