IESS to make India Energy independent by 2047


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Planning Commission of India has designed an interactive tool called – India Energy Security Scenarios (IESS) 2047 with the primary aim to make India an energy independent country by 2047.

To create awareness about the present energy scenario and to make organizations respond to the need for Energy Independent India in 2047, the tool is available on a website.

This energy tool is available to the public on and it explores India’s possible energy future across energy supply sectors such as solar, wind, biofuels, oil, gas, coal, nuclear and energy demand sectors such as transport, agriculture, cooking, lighting and other industries.

A Stakeholders’ interaction to highlight the significance of this issue was held at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar today in partnership with FICCI. The Planning Commission showed how IESS was able to portray potential future energy scenarios and suggest measures to shift the energy patterns in India to create maximum energy security and self-sustainability.

Anil K Jain, Adviser, Planning Commission, Government of India went on to explain the working of IESS 2047. He said, “Integrated picture of energy planning is a must for India to attain energy security in the future. Hence, we have developed this tool to assess the local demand and supply as well as imported energy resources which will further help in deciding how to meet our demand locally.”

Addressing the audience Rajiv Vastupal, Co-Chairman, FICCI Gujarat State Council highlighted the importance of assuring the masses of the energy scenarios in our country or else India will be highly energy insecure in the next twenty years.

Concluding the seminar, Mr D J Pandian, Additional Chief Secretary(Energy & Petrochemicals),Govt of Gujarat said, “If we carry on the in the same manner, we will be extremely dependent on other countries for energy. Currently we import 70% of iron, crude and gas, which is expected to only go up looking at the continuously growing demand. This is one of the reasons our economy keeps falling. We need to learn from other countries and buy assets abroad to produce energy there and decrease our imports.”

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