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World Anesthesia Day- Anesthesia beyond operation theatre

Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

World celebrates first recorded use of anesthesia on October 16. In the last 166 years anesthesia has become integral part of treatment. Its use has been perfected with the development of techniques to great precision and now it is beyond operation theatre.


It is not just a way of having painless surgery, says Dr. J R Belani, president of Anaesthesiologists’ Association Ahmedabad which has organized a walk on Wednesday evening to mark the event of first use of anesthesia on October 16, 1846.

Now it has great use in management of pain of all kind right from the labour pain to sufferings of patients in advance stage of cancer. Chronic pain patients find in anesthesia a great relief.

Now we have well developed specialized fields like Intensive Care, Chronic pain management, labour pain management and emergency medicine. What makes anesthesia so important is not just its power to help you be in a painless state, it is the challenge of risk involved with the use of anesthesia, say leading anesthetist of Ahmedabad, Dr. Jitendra Patel and Dr. Rasesh Diwan who is also vice president of Anaesthesiologists’ Association Ahmedabad.

Anesthesia works against nature. It induces dumbness in the body through external means. Naturally, it affects different parts of body by affecting their functioning. The rfole of anesthetist is not limited to administering anesthesia. He has to closely monitor functioning of vital parts of the body also to check the negative impact if any. Thus he has to have an eye on functioning of all major body organs.

Dr. Jitendra Patel says that precisely for this reason an anesthetist works excellent in a critical care situation. As a result, most of Intensive Care units are headed by anesthetist. He knows how to handle multiple organ problems.

Dr. Belani says that there are several myths about the use of anesthesia. He says that every body has a different response to anesthesia which cannot be predicted. This causes problems, but advance in technique have made these problems quite manageable.

Similarly, many feel that anesthesia is not good for children. This is also not right, he says. Two and half hour old children have been treated successfully without any problem.

World Anesthesia Day

On October 16, 1846, a dentist William T.G. Morton used ether vapor to make a patient unconscious for removing his tooth. This was done at Massachusetts General Hospital Boston. And so the day is celebrated world over as World Anesthesia Day.

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