Infant deaths: Government should pay compensation to the families


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

National spokesperson of Congress Shaktisinh Gohil today said that death of infants in the Civil Hospital of Ahmedabad was due to criminal negligence of the government even as the state government formed three member committee gave clean chit to the hospital and its staff. As many as 20 infant died in the hospital in two days and government ordered two inquiries and both said that children died of problems like underweight and hospital and treatment was ok.

Contesting these claims, Gohil demanded an inquiry by a sitting judge of Gujarat High Court and said that government should pay compensation of Rs 10 lakh to family of each of the infant who died here because it was because of government negligence.

. Presenting before media relevant facts and figures from the report of CAG, he said that report has made it clear that civil hospital of Ahmedabad does not have basic facility for the health of children.

He said that 24 hour child care was needed in the Neo Natal ICU ward. A child cannot complaint his problems like fever and vomiting. In view of this through letters of 18/12/2013 and 12/06/2015 it was suggested that the ward must have high tech facility like 24 hour CCTV. But no such arrangements have been made. He showed the video of the labour ward and neo natal ward to the media in support of his claim.

In its report CAG has noted, he said, ICU and trauma care centre were very sensitive for the needs of serious patients. There should be right temperature and measures to ensure that infection does not spread. But the air conditioner of trauma centre is in repair most of the time and there are no dust /air filters which are very important.

He said that the inspection report has noted that though grant is available children are not provided fruit juice or any other type of liquid diet. It further notes that cleanliness is not maintained. It has ambulance but it does not have life support system. Government has to take care of pregnant woman from the third month. She is to be provided nutritional diet and iron. But government ignores this and as a result children become victim of malnutrition and die.

Gohil pointed out that the care of pregnant women is to be taken by Asha workers and anganwadi workers. But BJP government in Gujarat is exploiting these workers. They are paid inadequate wages and are not regularized in their job. Instead of their main job they are engaged in publicity gimmicks of the government, he said.

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