Management clinic for Startups at IIMA


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The Entrepreneurship club of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Entre is launching a Management Clinic aimed at helping the Startups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to address their needs, plan for growth and to ensure the perpetuity of their business.

The advisory services will be offered at a nominal cost by students of IIMA who will be guided by faculty members acting as Advisors for the student teams.

The program is structured to facilitate IIMA students to engage with selected firms for a period of up to 4 weeks to guide them on how to solve their most vexing problems. The businesses will find a collaborative environment where students would help them diagnose and structure the method of addressing challenges they face. This service will be provided at a nominal registration fee of INR 3000 payable at the start of the engagement.

The pilot phase of the initiative has been successfully concluded where 2 businesses have been supported through this initiative.

Prof. Amit Karna, Associate Professor of Strategy at IIMA, one of the advisors for Management Clinic, commented: “Management Clinic is a student initiative aimed at creating a strong platform for the students of IIMA and community at large, to be able to apply management practices learnt in the classroom in real life. We are hoping that interactions through the clinic will benefit the business owners of Ahmedabad with solutions to routine problems and better ways of doing business, at the same time providing real-life exposure to our students.”

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