Modhwadia alleges Rs 30,000 crore land scam in Surat


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Alleging that manipulation in Town Planning schemes had become a big money minting business for Bharatiya Janata Party in Gujarat, senior Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia brought out record of 128 TP schemes of Surat city in which, he said, builders benefitted to the tune of Rs 30,000.

In support of his allegations, he had documents of these TP schemes which a congress councilor of Surat had obtained through RTI. Modhwadia told media that a PIL is pending in the Gujarat High Court about this for last eight months as government was evading reply on the petition.

He said that decision on a draft TP had become money making business whether it is finalized or kept as draft. As per the legal provision, a TP scheme whould be finalized within 18 months, but there are several schemes of Surat which are pending for last 20 years.

In this money, the government could have built houses for poor in Gujarat. He said that when Congress will come in power it will take action against all those who manipulated TP schemes and those who gained from it.

Giving details, he said that in last 22 years of its rule 128 TP schemes were prepared but only 38 were finalized while 90 were still in draft stage. As per the provision, 40 per cent of the land of a TP scheme is reserved for various causes. Of these 10 per cent is for social and civic amenities.

The details obtained through RTI by DP Vekaria shows that 80 percent of this 10 percent land was not obtained from the builder which comes to 50,22,224 Sq mts. Surat is one of the costliest cities in the country and by a conservative estimate, the land costs not less than Rs 60,000 per sq mt. Taking it as a basic average cost the amount of money manipulated in Surat comes to Rs. 30,000 crores, he said.

He said that Gujarat is the second most urbanized state in the country with 42 per cent urbanization. This TP game is played everywhere. And thus amount involved in TP fraud is beyond imagination, he said.

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