Modi had doodh pauva sweet dish of Rs 12,000


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Former Gujarat Chief Minister Suresh Mehta has come out with interesting details of Sharad poornima celeberations in Kutch in 2005 when Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat. Sharing information which he gathered through RTI, he said that Doodh pauva sweet dish enjoyed by Narendra Modi has been billed Rs 12,270 in official records. Another entry shows that the beddings for a camel cart Modi rode cost Rs 15,625.

He described it a “sophisticated corruption” in which the event was used by BJP government to extort money from government agencies as well as private companies. Giving minutes of a meeting held for the event, he said that it was decided to have a separate account for the event and consequently an account was opened in the name of Sharadotsav 2005 with SBI. It cannot be done. Money must be through consolidated fund of the government, he said.

He clarified that he was raising the issue after 12 years because it took so much time to gather information through RTI. He said that these figures showed how expenses were inflated. He said that the Collector had collected Rs 2.25 crore from 453 different persons and organization.

Mehta is now not with BJP. He quit the party in 2007.

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