Modi promises house to all by 2022


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

  • Modi stresses on Rurban development model
  • Women should be made partner in decision making
  • Stop psychologically analysing rape
  • North east should be made organic food hub

Narendra ModiThe Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today described the elected MPs of Lok Sabha as custodians of the hope and aspirations of millions of Indians. Modi said the President,  Pranab Mukherjee, had appreciated the verdict of the elections, and he too, thanks the people for voting for stability, good governance, and development.

He said the Government is committed to fulfilling this responsibility. Replying to the debate on the motion of thanks on the President`s address to Parliament in Lok Sabha, he said he had carefully heard the views of more than 50 MPs who had participated in the debate.

He said it was natural for some MPs to ask how and when we will be able to fulfill people`s aspirations. Giving an example of the beginning of his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister, the Prime Minister said he had expressed an intention in the Vidhan Sabha that he wanted the villages of Gujarat to get 24 hours power supply. Similar apprehensions had been expressed then. But that desire has been achieved.

The Prime Minister said that for this Government, the President`s address is not a mere ritual or tradition, but an inspiration, which has its own sanctity. He called upon all members of the Lok Sabha to work towards achieving the goals mentioned therein. He said the elected members of Lok Sabha are now the custodians of the hope and aspirations of the people.

Modi said he saw a constructive atmosphere throughout the debate. The hopes of 125 crore Indians echoed in the House. This, he said, was a good sign. Talking of the common man`s faith in India`s democratic traditions, he said this faith is worth showcasing to the entire world. He remarked that India had more voters than the population of USA and Europe.

Narendra Modi said the Government should work for the poor. He said if the Government did not pay heed to the needs of the poor, the people would never forgive it. And therefore, the Government would devote all its effort to empower the poor, and give the poor the strength to fight poverty.

The Prime Minister referred to the term “rurban” mentioned in the President`s address and said that the country`s economy would be benefited a lot if urban amenities were provided in rural areas – suvidhaa shahar ki, aatma gaon ki. The Prime Minister said there must greater focus on agro-technology that includes agro-based industries and better soil-testing facilities. Despite being recognized as a global leader in Information Technology, we still do not have real-time data of agro-products, the Prime Minister said.

Giving the example of Sikkim emerging as a big producer of organic food, he asked why the entire north-east cannot be made an organic hub to meet the emerging global demand for organic produce. He said we have agri-universities, but the transition from “lab to land” is not happening to the extent that it should. The Prime Minister said his promise to reduce inflation is not an empty slogan – it is a resolve, because the poorest of the poor too must have sufficient food to eat.

Modi said women need to become partners in decision-making. 50 percent of India`s population need to be made equal partners, and need to feel secure. He said the recent events in Pune, Uttar Pradesh, and Manali must force all of us to introspect. And corrective measures must be taken. The country will not wait for long – our conscience too will not forgive us if we do not act – the Prime Minister said.

Modi made a fervent appeal to all political leaders across the country to stop psychologically analysing rape. “Can`t we keep quiet,” he appealed to political leaders.

Referring to India`s demographic dividend, the Prime Minister said this only underlines the need for skill development. Skill development should be accompanied by a spirit of “Shram-ev Jayate” – giving dignity to labour. Our identity in the world must change from “Scam-India” to “Skill India.”


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