People cannot bear fun of ‘vikas’ : Modi


Gujarat Global News Network, Ahmedabad

Addressing party workers at BJP headquarters in New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the elections were unique. He thanked people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh for choosing path of development.

Modi avoided direct attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi.He said the results prove that people are open to new reforms negative campaign against GST. “During UP elections it was said BJP would lose due to GST effect in urban areas, same was said in Gujarat elections and local body polls in Maharashtra. But the recent election results have proven that the country is ready for reform and is looking towards things that perform in a positive way and believes in transformation,” said Modi.

“The result in Himachal proves that if you do not work, if you do not bring development, if you keep indulging in wrong tactics then your ouster after five years is certain,” PM added.

Talking about BJP’s victory in Gujarat, Modi said in today’s time, it is a big achievement for a party to keep winning. “Gujarat election results are historic, in this day and age, for a party to keep winning for so long. The prime minister added that Gujarat elections win is special for him. “For me, Gujarat polls are a matter of double happiness. I am so happy that after I left the state, my colleagues there continued the good work,” said Modi.

He also targetted Congress for spreading ‘misinformation’ and rumours in Gujarat. “So many conspiracies were hatched in Gujarat by Congress, misinformation was being spread. People cannot bear if anyone makes fun of ‘vikas’,” said Modi in a direct reference to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘vikas pagal ho gaya hai’ remark during the campaign.

He also accused the Congress of dividing people of Gujarat on caste lines. “30 years back, poison of caste was spread so badly in Gujarat that it took workers like me 30 years to get rid of it. In last few months there were attempts again to sow seeds of casteism, but people rejected it. I congratulate them, but people must be alert,’ said Modi.

He asked the opposition parties not to derail development in Gujarat. “After 2014, there is hunger for development. Even if you do not like BJP, do not try to derail the progress being made towards development,” said Modi.

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