Rahul Gandhi promises waiver of farm loans in Gujarat


By Yogesh Sharma

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on the third day of his three day visit of Saurashtra in Gujarat promised that his party would waive off loans of farmers when it comes to power in December this year. In a hard hitting campaign started from temple town Chotila he promised employment to youth and empowerment of women.

Waiver of farm loans and employment to youth has already been announced by Gujarat Congress in the last one month. Rahul Gandhi tried to give credence to these election promises saying that his party really meant it and always kept the promises. Citing example of Karnataka and Punjab he said that Congress government waived off farmers loans soon after coming to power. He said that Congress would waive off farmers loan within ten days of coming to power.

He said that it was Congress which had mounted pressure on UP government to waive off farmers loan. UP government relented but waived loans partially.

Referring to jobs for youth, he said that daily 400 youth got job instead of 30,000 job seekers every day. He reiterated that abundance of made in China products in Indian market showed that jobs of Indians were going to Chinese youth. Referring to vibrant summits by Gujarat government as “fake MoU model” of Narendra Modi as a failure, he said. MoUs worth several thousands crore have been signed, but no work has been done.  He saidthat Congress would bring back Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s model of development.

“India’s economy has been destroyed. But everyone is quiet because they are afraid to speak against Narendra Modiji. These are not my words. Senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has written this in a newspaper article today,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi mocked Modi Over Demonetisation. He termed demonetisation a means to convert black money into white. “On November 8 last year, Modiji suddenly appeared on TV and said ‘from midnight Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes will be useless… ha ha ha’,” he said mocking the PM.

“Modiji said that black money will no more be part of the economy and the poor will get that money. Did you get a single penny? While medium and small scale industries are struggling, big industries and businessmen get all the benefits,” he said. Gandhi said, “With the help of Modiji, every thief of India has converted his black money to white.”

Later, addressing a gathering, Gandhi took a dig at the Modi government’s policies, asking why “Vikas has gone crazy?”, referring to a popular jibe that has gone viral on internet under the Gujarati title “vikas gando thai gayo che”. He said that Vikas needed treatment.

He also mentioned the case of liquor baron Vijay Mallya. “Government called Vijay Mallya for talks who had taken Rs 9,000 crore loan. The government has converted Rs 1.3 lakh crore loan of big industries into NPA. But the Congress will waive off farmers’ loan.” He said that the money of the banks was in the hands of about 15 industrialists.

“Modiji listens to a handful of industrialists and speaks his mann ki baat. But when it comes to loan waiver of farmers, he does not speak a word,” Gandhi said while maintaining that Gujarat and India cannot function without contribution from farmers and small industries.

Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders climbed 900 steps of Chotila hill abode of Chamunda temple.


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