Rahul : In Gujarat only industrialists are happy


Gujarat Global News Network, Bharuch

On third leg of his tour to the poll bound state Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited South Gujarat where he was accorded warm welcome. People thronged the streets to welcome Rahul who drove in open vehicle. At one place he stopped his car and allowed a girl to click selfie with him.

Rahul hit out at Modi government and said that today economy was in doldrums. Reacting to Arun Jaitley’s remark that “ease of doing corruption” has been replaced with “ease of doing business”, Rahul Gandhi said the union minister is sticking to a certificate issued by a foreign institution. “India doesn’t need this, it needs a certificate from the people of India.

Jaitley sits in his office and believes a foreign company talking of “ease of business”. Did Jaitley ji go to a small shop owner and ask what the “ease of doing business is. For this govt, what is spoken abroad is truth, but reality of India is false,” he said.

In Gujarat only industrialists are happy, he said. Attacking the government on GST, Rahul said “”None of Modiji’s industrialists will pay 28 per cent GST on goods, common people will. You will.” Claiming that PM Modi reneged on his promises made to farmers, Rahul Gandhi added: “Modiji’s PR cannot erase the truth that he broke the trust farmers had placed in him; no one got employment. You, farmers, voted for BJP due to this unwritten promise of employment made by Modiji. In 2007, he promised Rs 15000 Cr to tribals under Vanbandhu Kalyan; in 2012, Rs 40000 Cr. Where is this Rs 55000 Cr. Modiji promised Rs11000cr to fishermen, didn’t give them a single rupee”

On PM Modi’s promise to unearth black money in Swiss bank accounts, he said, “Modiji doesn’t understand that all money is not black money; black money is that which is buried underground. It’s been 3 yrs since Modi govt; how many Swiss bank account holders are behind bars? Modi spoke of Swiss bank accounts and black money, what did he do to bring it back? Look at Vijay Mallya, he’s enjoying himself in London. What did Modiji do?”

Rahul who has been poked by Modi and his party as “Shehzada” came down on Jay Shah, son of BJP national president Amit Shah. “Let’s talk about Shah-zada. Jay Shah’s company is the best example of Modiji’s ‘Na khaunga, na khaane dunga‘.” He hasn’t spoken a word about him.

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