Rupani claims that Manmohan Singh lied about Narmada


Gujarat Global News Network , Ahmedabad

Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s statement that Narendra Modi never met him about Narmada invoked sharp reactions from Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani who claimed that Dr. Singh was lying.

Referring to BJP allegations that then UPA government did not give permission for Narmada gates, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said that as Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi had never met him for the issue. He said that He realized that many things were said during election times, but when they were gross distortions, they needed to be rebutted.

He said that the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi had gone on 51 hour fast in the Gujarat University ground to protest against measures causing hurdle to the project, life line of Gujarat. Talking to media at an interaction today evening, he said that the lie of Dr. Singh could not change the truth that Congress created obstacles in the Narmada dam project.

Giving details of the steps taken by Narendra Modi, he said that on 17/5/2011 and 7/9/2013 Modi had written to the Prime Minister for clearance of Environment and rehabilitation sub-committee of the project. To make Rann a drought prone area, he had written letters on 17/1/2011, 26/6/2011 and 3/8/2013.

Rupani said that during Dr. Singh’s visit to Ahmedabad on 26/3/2011 Modi had raised the issue of Narmada. On 6/2/2013 Modi had taken appointment of Dr. Singh and in 45 minute talk with him he had discussed various issues of Gujarat including Narmada. Between 16/4/2004 and 3/8/2013 Modi had written eight letters to Dr. Singh and other central government ministeries to raise the height of the dam.

Rupani said that he himself had met Dr. Singh as part of a delegation under L K Advani. Rupani was RS member. He said that he had expressed surprise that work was not done so far.

Rupani said that in December elections people will eliminate Anti-Gujarat and anti-development congress from Gujarat.

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