Two wheelers account for highest road accidents in the country


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Two wheelers in the country account for highest road accidents in the country. The share of two wheelers in total road accidents has increased from 28.8 per cent in 2015 to 33.8 per cent in 2016. In such accidents 34.8 per cent of persons were killed in 2016.

Though road accidents in the country have decreased by around 4.1%   during   2016, with the year seeing 4,80,652 road accidents as against 5,01,423 in 2015.  However   fatalities resulting from these accidents have risen by about 3.2% during the same period. Nearly 1,50,785 persons were killed in 2016 as against 1,46,133 in 2015.

These facts have been revealed in Road Accidents in India-2016’ , a publication of Road and Highway Ministry. The publication was released by minister Nitin Gadkari. During 2016, 13 States accounted for 86 per cent of the total road accidents in the country .These are Tamil Nadu, MP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, UP, AP, Rajasthan, Telangana, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Haryana. Similarly, 13 States accounted for 84 per cent of the total persons killed in road accidents during 2016. These are UP, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, MP, AP, Gujarat, Telangana, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana and Bihar.

The fifty Million-Plus Cities accounted for 18.7 per cent in total road accidents in the country, 11.8 per cent in total persons killed in road accidents and 16.7 per cent in total persons injured in road accidents. Chennai had the highest number of road accidents (7,486) while Delhi had the highest number of deaths (1,591)) due to road accidents. Accident severity for the combined 50 Million Cities was 19.8 in 2016 as against 14.9 per cent in 2015.

According to the publication, the age profile of road accident victims for 2016 reveals that the youth of age group 18 – 35 years accounted for 46.3 per cent (69,851 persons) and age group of 18-45 accounted for a share of 68.6% (1,03,409 persons) and working age group of 18-60 accounted for a share of 83.3 per cent (1,25,583 persons) in the total road accident fatalities.

Based on the data reported by Police, drivers’ fault is single most important factor responsible for road accidents (84 per cent), killings (80.3 per cent) and injuries (83.9) on all roads in the country during 2016. Intake of alcohol/drugs by drivers resulted in 14,894 road accidents (3.7 per cent) and 6,131 fatalities (5.1 per cent). The act of talking on mobile phones while driving has resulted in 4, 976 road accidents, 2,138 road accident deaths and injuries to 4,746 number of persons during the calendar year 2016. Overloaded vehicles caused 61,325 (12.8 per cent) road accidents and 21,302 (14.1 per cent) deaths in 2016.

Two wheelers account for highest accidents. The other road users killed in road accidents are cars, taxies, vans and other light and medium motor vehicles – 17.9 per cent; trucks – 11.2 per cent; pedestrians – 10.5 per cent; buses – 6.6 per cent; auto rickshaws – 4.7 per cent; and others motor vehicles – 10.6 per cent.

On this occasion, road safety website , was also launched.

This report Road Accidents in India-2016   is also available on the website of the Ministry of Road Transport & highways.

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